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Urbanpol publishes occasional papers on emerging trends in spatially relevant planning and thinking, and subjects related to practices and policies in urban and regional planning in the international development context; our research responses to the challenges of sustainable urbanization, rapid socioeconomic transformation, and the dynamics of communities in today’s cities and regions.

About the Publications

Planning, Policy and Practice – We show the ways in which planning and dialogue can enable the sustainable development of our livelihoods and promote the communication between research, businesses and the public. We call experts and practitioners for proposals, ideas, information, projects and papers from the fields of architecture/design, urban and regional planning, cultural tourism planning, environmental, mobility, economy, science etc. concerned with the topic for a new publication with inputs across diverse formats.

About the Audience

The publications will be of interest to private investors, politicians, professionals, academics, nongovernmental organizations and community organizations operating at both the strategic and local levels, including: Planners, city and town leaders, architects, urban stakeholders. Further development, currently in planning, involves widening the scope of topics beyond technical issues of planning, policy and practice to cover broader themes around place and identity.

Current Call for Papers

Call for Papers:

Urban Conversion
and Geo-Based Technologies

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Call for Papers:

Heritage Management and Sustainable Tourism Development

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